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Exceptionally high temperatures (over 50 °C) can be tolerated by a date palm for several days if it is irrigated.

During winter, temperature below 0 °C is also tolerated but below 7 °C the palms cannot grow.

Manure should be applied once a year or every other year.

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Most date trees are therefore grown under irrigation.

In some areas, no additional irrigation is needed because the water table is close to the surface.

US band The Eagles was once reportedly paid £3.5million by an unknown benefactor to play one song, Hotel California, at a private party in New York, while American billionaire David Bonderman paid The Rolling Stones around £3.5million to perform for an hour at his 60th birthday party in 2002.

Jordanian news website Al Bawaba advised her to 'pack an abaya', the robe-like dress commonly worn by women in conservative parts of the Muslim world, and to remember that Saudi Arabia is 'as far away from her fave glitzy and glamorous hot spot Dubai as could be'.

Dates are famous for their high nutritional value and as such a very important part of the diet of many people around the world.

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