Are there any sex chat that accept paypal dating age restrictions canada

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Are there any sex chat that accept paypal-85

We can only process for online content, downloads, videos, webcam chat, talk , etc.

…If someone is to pay for a service and then there is a real life session that is offered later, we would not be able to process for this.” (Online sex work is okay, RT sessions are not) Sex worker friendly!

[x] “You may not use the Pay Pal service for activities that… certain sexually oriented materials or services.” See this blog posting for ways that Pay Pal will find to close or freeze your account. [x] - Nothing was found on their legal page, but during a private chat they said, “All Wish Lists found to be used for purchasing items in exchange for legal sex work, be it camera modeling or otherwise, are not allowed and will be removed.” They went on to say that if you are found in violation of their rules, your wish list can be deleted.

Multiple occurrences of rule violation and you can lose your entire account, including gift cards still remaining on your balance.

Redpass [x] This company touts themselves as “The ultimate payroll solution for the adult entertainment industry.” Sex worker friendly!

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