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The name Samuel in Hebrew is Shmuel which is translated to mean Shema -El God Heard, not that she asked for him but rather that God heard her prayers.

Saul in Hebrew is Shaul which is derived from Shehaylah - to question or to ask for something....

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Elkanah responds, "Do what you think best." By the time "the child was weaned" - there is some debate as to what age Samuel was dedicated to the Temple.

It is unlikely that it meant weaned from the breast, and more likely when Hannah felt he was weaned from her as a mother - somewhere between the age of 6–12 years.

She promised he would remain a Nazarite all the days of his life.

According to Lillian Klein, the value of women is demonstrably enhanced by their child-bearing capacities.

She raised him until he was weaned and brought him to the temple along with a sacrifice.

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