Latina phone sex chat intimidating and threatening boss

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Latina phone sex chat-61

I grew up a little bit of a Latina princess – spoiled and sheltered. It got so bad, that I decided to work as a phone sex operator because it was actually a whole lot safer than what I was doing.

However, I stopped being Daddy’s little niña (a Spanish word for girl) the day I met my first boyfriend and lost my virginity. As a latina phone sex girl, I didn’t have many options. At least being a PSO, I was able to make ton’s of money, got married and turned my life around.

I’m a little girl at heart, I never wanna stop playing and staying up late!

I may be young but I have as much experience as a hot MILF.

I’m absolutely positive my sweet disposition will have you at ease and full of need. Either way, I want to be the girl that can be bought with candy or with expensive gifts! ” Perhaps Daddy or my brothers have looked at me, don’t think for one minute I won’t play into it.

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