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A family doctor faces jail after secretly recording more than 200 women and girls using a tiny camera hidden inside his wristwatch during years of abuse at his surgery.

‘I am terrified whenever Marty leaves the house that something terrible is going to happen. It has made me anxious and depressed.‘It has ruined our lives.

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For five years Marty Rathbun and his wife’s lives have allegedly been made a ‘living hell’ by The Church of Scientology furious that he stepped down from his lofty position inside the powerful organization and then dared to speak out against it.

Their house was besieged by minions, known bizarrely as 'Squirrel Busters', harassing them at every turn.

The church claims the men were not ordered to do so, but were acting independently Marty said: ‘They claimed they were there to film a documentary, but they were there to make our lives hell.

In Scientology they will go after what you love and hold dear, that is why they went after Monique.’ We're watching: After moving to San Antonio, Texas, where they thought they would be able to live in privacy, they claim Scientology hired a retired police officer to move into the house behind them.

If I interview someone at work I immediately think, "Are they employed by the church? I stay up and sit on the sofa, with a baseball bat.

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