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Israel responded quickly to public pressure in January 2014 and passed a law making sharing sexually explicit videos without the consent of the pictured individual punishable by up to five years in prison.After Israel's bill was passed, it was widely predicted that nearby countries such as Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia would not introduce similar bills as they have been slow to adopt legislation against sexual harassment in general.

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An article of theirs argues that this stifling of free expression is often ignored in debates over revenge porn.

While not solely focused on revenge porn, the older non-profit organization Without My Consent provides legal resources related to it and lobbies to protect the privacy and free speech rights of online harassment victims.

and was one of the first sites to adopt the model initiated by Beaver Hunt: Is Anyone Up often included identifying information, such as the subjects' names, employers, addresses and links to social networking profiles.

Activist Charlotte Laws was the first person to speak out against Moore and one of the first people to publicly support revenge porn victims.

The announcement was made after a company meeting at which the issue of "illicit pornography—pictures and video—was a burning one".

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