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If the ranges of data to be consolidated don’t have the same layout, you can use the consolidation by category feature instead of consolidation by position.

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This rarely happens in the real world, leaving numerous critical financial statements at risk for material errors. Ray Panko, of the University of Hawai’i College of Business Administration, ( and a follow up paper ( it is made clear that a very large percentage of spreadsheets used in business today are flawed.

This should become a major concern for those using spreadsheets in accounting and finance functions.

If your organization still relies on financial statements consolidated using a spreadsheet, I strongly suggest you take another close look at the process and either introduce a well documented and periodically tested set of internal controls over the design, use and change management of this process, or better still, perform it in a purpose built application or more practically for small and medium size organization, implement the process within your accounting or ERP software, in a more secure environment.

Not taking one of the above steps is leaving too much to chance, which invariably, sooner or later, will result in material misstatements in critical financial statements.

See below: Figure 1 Total Sales worksheet Step 2 Select cell A2 and click the Consolidate icon in the Data tab. Step 3 In the Function box, select SUM or the function that you want Kingsoft Spreadsheets to use to consolidate the data. In the 2012 Data worksheet, the selected source range is A2: D9.

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