Dating a missionary kid

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God's call of a husband or wife to be a missionary will never negate his call on them to fulfill their duties toward their spouse.

A person's "call" may be irrelevant if their spouse does not share it.

I’ve only lived in two places, both in the USA and both in fairly similar climates.

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I can also feel a bit separated from her as well, as she has all these cultural references that I don’t, and visa versa.” – “The emphasis of experiencing a new place together will be more important to him than material gifts. ‘Home’ will always be where I am and not an actual location related to his past.” – “You come to understand that there is much about their life you will never understand.

Their stories of life growing up will usually one-up you and your life may seem dull in comparison.

Though dating was not part of first-century culture, the New Testament is clear that Christians should seek to marry other Christians.

It is vital that spouses agree on their call to missions before they take any step toward service.

We also call him the chameleon because he does well in groups of any kind." Alex, a hard-working hockey player, scored a goal during one of his recent games.

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