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It also exercises ecclesiastical jurisdiction over the autonomous Church of Japan and the Orthodox Christians resident in the People's Republic of China.

The ROC branches in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova and Ukraine since the 1990s enjoy various degrees of self-government, albeit short of the status of formal ecclesiastical autonomy.

Also, you can talk to as many orthodox priests and orthodox lay persons as possible regarding your problem and to ask them if they know somebody who can suit your family lifestyle.

And not in the end, pray each night to God to help you and send you the one which is best for you, or to do His will with you. you can find on this website many groups of "orthodox christians", thousands of persons - this website it's done by Russians, so be careful because on Russian websites there are also spamers, women, who tells you they love you and want a marriage and ask you money for an airplane ticket to come to you and then they disapear with your money, or they need visa, so just be more careful, maybe a Russian living in USA you'll find here - this is in Romanian language, mostly done for Romanians, you need a translator maybe the Sign-up page is: Romanian Russian ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS SINGLES DATING WEBSITES: org they have a forum on which you can start a topic maybe - it's an orthodox forum also here same Welcome !

Given the deep-rooted traditions in the Greek Orthodox Church, many members want to look for dating opportunities specifically with other adherents.

Dating and the orthodox church

Women from Eastern Europe are not as demanding as women from Western Europe.…
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