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They are used to hold a chisel stationary so that the woodworker can thin or shape boards of wood.

Until planes were mass produced, many carpenters made their planes themselves, bought blades from blacksmiths, and carved decorations or initials into the plane. In addition, collectors may want to watch for these details as well: There are numerous styles of vintage saws that may be of interest to collectors.

The quality of a tool, and its usability is difficult to determine remotely.

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Disston is a noted manufacturer of antique handsaws, and you can tell a Disston saw by the stamped name on the spine and a gold medallion on the handle bearing a small insignia.

Collectors may also want to look for these details: Hand drills came in many different shapes, styles and varieties.

It hangs absolutely true, so it was always possible for workmen to find a true vertical.

Antique plumb bobs often were shaped like common staples such as pears, carrots or turnips.

In addition to a well-respected antique tool price guide, a wealth of information can be found on these sites, most of which are written by experienced collectors, hobbyists, and dealers.

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