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x Xx Silver Lilyx Xx- no rory xxx is not for porno2. :: many a time, the see food diet: i see food, i eat it Been to a foreign country? I want to be loved like rory says he loves me, i feel so empty and alone. But now that i doubt it i feel the way i used to, i forgot how it felt to be hurt, the pain was old so it was numb, but now it's fresh and new. I want to feel how clean and pure it is to be loved and not just lusted after. samanther (only rand is allowed to use this name, besides you would sound queer if you tried)THREE SCREEN NAMES I HAVE HAD 1. I miss the words "i love you", i miss the way he said them to me, i miss the fact that i had someone who thought i was beautiful. Sometimes i drift into these wonderful daydreams of us doing things together that i would normaly do alone or never would do. When it started raining we all went inside, alot of people left but alot stayed so we all played this game "catch phrase" it was fun. I still feel horrible and distant from everyone and everything and I have not talked to rory in almost a week.

I get these to give out to clients as well as sell with my stationery.

Everyone loves them and the service is efficient and superb.

it hurts so bad that i wont, and i still dont beleive it, so when i do beleive it, it will hurt even worse than it does now. wait i am, but the distance helps me none at all... well so much shit has happened but tonite im too tired to write, i should go to bed, i have school so....yeah, um tomorrow iiiiiiisssss, 1st day of pre-season, and the last day of freedom. BECUASE everyone i ever cared about is a liar or doesnt give a god damn about me any way. i've never seen such a fucking load of backstabbers, and liars, who "are thinking of me"..not, nobody cares about anybody but their god damn self serving mother fucking backstabbing filthy ass selves.

:: ah sort of, thats where i met my hott little buddy Hazen. I just want to do it over, i love him and i miss him and i'll never get him back. I'm so over everything right now, i quit, my priority is feild hockey.

bitesizedfun2182- don't make a screen name with the guy you like's sports numbers, it's stalkerish... i just want it back, i want him back, he made everything ok, i want everything to be ok again.

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