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Men's hair styles became shorter, accompanied by generous sideburns, a moustache, and/or a beard.

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While photos from the 1860s usually showed a full-length figure, those of the 1870s featured a three-quarter length shot.

The back of the visiting card displayed a larger, slightly more flamboyant logo than in the previous decade.

The more you work with old photos, the better you'll get at identifying the style of a particular period.

The earliest photographs were daguerreotypes which remained popular from the time of their invention in 1839 through the 1860s. Instead, it was an actual glass negative which had been treated to appear positive.

From 1850 through the 1860s, carte de visite photos featured a full length image of the sitter, often in the staged surrounding of a drawing room with a leather-backed chair and table.

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