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So, in this case, '340' means the 34th week of 1960 - somewhere towards the end of August.

Interestingly, the other pot is dated '370', which at three weeks later, is mid-September 1960.

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In general, the USA standard, which I believe came from Japan, is A=log and B= linear.

We’re not talking about dinner and a movie, of course…

Russian made Big Muffs have Russian made pots, usually 100k linear taper. If you replace an old pot with a new one of the same size, it is sometimes hard to find pots with the same pot shafts that fit the old knobs.

You can use 100k audio log taper for the volume pot. You can sometimes pull the shafts out of the old pots and install them in the new ones.

- All vintage USA Big Muffs have source-date codes stamped on the underside of the potentiometer cans, or “pots”.

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