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by  |  01-Oct-2015 07:02

An improvement to this is to only message women who are “Online Now” have recently posted an update of some kind.

Statistically these women are much more responsive than woman who are online but using the same profile they’ve had forever. Focus on messaging women who have viewed your profile first.

For example, my first-dates-to-lay ratios these days are extremely high, sometimes as high as 100% for a single blitz of new openers. Many years ago when I was only having sex with one new woman per ten first dates, my response rate was very important to me, since I needed a hell of a lot of dates in order to get laid.

Its corollary is: The stronger your real-life game is, and the better your target market selection, the less results you need from online in order to have sex with new women.

We’re going to talk about increasing your response rates now, but please keep in mind everything I just explained.

The information pointed out in your personal account on a dating website is what normally makes your potential partner decide whether it is worth contacting your or not.

The price of any mistake here is very high and may cost you a bad dating experience.

Dating is complicated enough on its own; when you add in the confusion of online dating sites, it can be just plain intimidating. There is a technique to navigating the virtual playing field.

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