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I turned to get a better feel for it and realized that it was not a dream. I jumped up and was like "do you know you peed in the bed? After looking at him like he was crazy, he said something that I thought I would never hear..."Now, my love rains over you" It wasn't funny then, but Im laughing my behind off at it now.

Embarrassing date stories All kinds of people can be found on online dating sites, ranging from single mothers to Recently men and women divorce.

I was at a class ice skating party, fell on my ass and landed on the tip of the skate blade.

It was like a razor blade enema and ripped the entire butt out of my jeans. *wink* Photo Credit: Jason Pier in DC via photo pin cc About JW Moxie J-Dub Moxie has a BS in BS, but someone thought it was a good idea to make her responsible for educating adolescents.

I was sitting at the table waiting for him while he went to the “restroom”…

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