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Sorry, Gavin, but that's just how much Gwen's solo career is taking off right now. The only problem was that he convinced her during the only free time she would have to spend chilling with her husband before she needed to start preparing to launch her first New York fashion show and first solo tour this fall.

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That track then became “Spark the Fire,” which now has almost 7 million views on You Tube.

“It was the first bit of writing that I had done in a long time,” Stefani admitted.

Don't you want to be that bear With the red hat he wears that makes him One thing about me I'll be there for the team I'll do anything to protect my people's dreams And if the earth just finds me wandering 'round You know my soul will rise up and keep on shining.

(Shine) When you were trying to get home (Shine) When you don't want to be alone (Shine) Look at yourself in the mirror That's your way home (Shine!

“I think after doing and having it not be successful, I lost a lot of confidence.

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