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Gang detective Sammy Bryant decides to ensure the safety of a key witness (Carla Jeffery) in a gangland trial by taking her to his home.The day takes a turn for the worse when Officers Cooper, Sherman, Brown and Dewey find a gang member dead in a trunk outside Dodger Stadium. NBC announced that Southland had been renewed for a second season with an initial 13 episode order to begin airing on Friday, September 25, 2009, at pm, one hour earlier than its original Thursday time slot.

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Lydia and her new partner, Ray Suarez (Clifton Collins, Jr.), arrive in South Central, where a young SULA student/track star was murdered. Ben and John visit Dewey in rehab and attend a former police officer's funeral in Indian Wells. Officers Cooper, Sherman and Brown are dispatched as part of a maximum deployment to catch a rapist who is impersonating a police officer. Clarke returns as Lydia's partner to investigate a double homicide. Salinger's wife, Captain Susan Salinger (Denise Crosby), learns of his affair with television reporter Mia Sanchez (Lisa Vidal) through his daughter.

Two gangbangers are killed when gangsters open fire in a crowded night club and the shootings are connected to Moretta's daughter. Lydia adjusts to having yet another new partner, Det.

Ben reveals details of his past to the department therapist and to his partner, John, making the motivation behind his decision to be a cop clear.

Elsewhere, Dewey causes a rift in his relationship with his partner when he becomes star struck by Timmy Davis (Tom Sizemore), a famous, self-obsessed actor.

And back at the station, everyone gathers for a retirement party for Officer Dewey.

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