May september dating

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Male chimpanzees tend to prefer older females than younger and it is suggested that specific cues of female mate value are very different to humans.Buss attributed the young age preference for females to the cues that youth has.

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May september dating

This theory is directly relevant and compatible with the two already mentioned theories Life History and Parental Investment.

Although there is a number of reproductive advantages to short term mating, males still pursue long term mates and this is due to the possibility of monopolising a female's life time reproductive resources.

This notion of preference of age due to peak fertility is supported by Kenrick, Keefe, Gabrielidis, and Cornelius's study which found that although teenage males would accept a mate slightly younger than themselves, there was a wider range of preference for ages above their own.

Teenage males also report that their ideal mates would be several years older than themselves.

As well as asking participants a number of questions on mate selection criteria, they also had to provide the oldest and youngest partner they would accept.

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