Ryan gossling dating kat

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Allegedly Ryan and Eva avoid each other as much as possible.Part of the reason for Eva and Ryan relentless bickering might be because Gosling has been getting cozy with “La La Land” co-star Emma Stone.And her body…It’s delicious and juicy and real and beautiful and so far 23 year old Kat Dennings has resisted the urge to look like every other starved twat in Hollywood.

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Mendes and Gosling are rarely seen in public together and have always been tight-lipped about the relationship.

A source says that the very private couple fights all the time and barely spend any time together – if any at all.

It’s so bad between Ryan and Eva that only time they can stand to be around each is for the sake of 14-month-old daughter Esmeralda. that once Esmerelda is tucked into bed Gosling and Mendes head to opposite corners of their home – or the couple starts fighting and then head to their separate bedrooms.

Rumors that Ryan has been dating Emma Stone won’t die down.

The evidence is nowhere near slamdunk but intriguing all the same.

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