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Summarizing the experiment’s results, Iyengar said the same sort of chocolate, selected from a set of 30 different chocolates was considered even less delicious than if it was chosen from a set of six.OK, that’s all interesting, you might say, but how these funny chocolate results can be applied to the present day situation with online dating?

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Well, you can visit any website for dating and see it for yourself: dozens, hundreds and thousands of people, all looking for relationships or flirting. Some people might argue that the obsessive wish to try every candy is the very essence of dating, but many people regard it as a kind of must-have shopping.

In other words, online dating today turn people into commodities that you can order via the web like a new computer, or a smartphone, appealing to our volatile nature.

So, if you think that the more members we have got on the dating website or users of the dating app, the better it is to find someone for flirting, dating or romantic relations, then it might be interesting for you to know about one research.

A couple of years ago, one psychologist at Columbia University – her name is Sheena Iyengar – undertook a study on the so-called “tyranny of choice”, which we have to face every day by conducting some experiments, during which people were tempted by various amounts of chocolate and fancy jams.

So it is no wonder that a lot of single people are getting tired of this tyranny of choice, looking for dating sites that aim at the principle “less is more”.

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