Updating drupal core

by  |  02-Dec-2016 17:07

⤵ Strictly speaking, 'updating' refers to taking your site from one 'minor' version to another, as for example, from Drupal 7 version d7.1, to d7.2; or from Drupal 8 version d8.0.0 to d8.1.3, etc.No matter which version your site is currently using, you can update to the latest minor version that is available.

Being an open source project, anyone could analyze and discover security flaws.

Once found, these flaws are reported in a well-organized manner.

The dev team hammers out a patch, that is released ASAP.

Security is the most essential reason why Drupal websites should be updated to the latest version.

The standard procedure to update Drupal to the latest release is to download it from and follow the included If you had modified or .htaccess, make sure the modifications are reapplied.

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