Free cyber chat trial - Updating table high processor utlization

by  |  25-May-2016 23:25

Since the insert/update is in the noreply mode, how can I check the write throughput on rethinkdb server?Also, whenever the CPU utilization is at 100%, the read operation (filter/get/get_all, etc.) from rethinkdb gets extremely slow.

updating table high processor utlization-49

Even after removing soft durability mode, the CPU usage remained almost similar.

Clearly, the spikes in CPU usage are there even with only one worker, but relatively less.

Is the cpu utilization issue on the rethinkdb server still related in anyway to that?

Do I need to install protobuf with optimized C backend on server too?

The 1.9 release (coming out this week, hopefully) has a couple of fixes that will probably help a lot with CPU utilization here (including #1041, which should be especially helpful for large documents).

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