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by  |  12-Feb-2016 10:10

I assume he's dating to find a spouse rather than dating for fun. But that aside, she will always be in a different decade than her partner no matter what age and stage of their lives together. For instance I know a 35 year old who left his wife and is now living with a 21 year old.

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There's something called the wheel of power and control that can help you identify when a relationship is abusive.

Make sure she's familiar with it, because age is one way of having more power in the relationship.

That said, if she doesn't recognize any of those patterns, and she knows what to look for, I'd let her go ahead with it.

As a home schooled woman, she's probably naturally more mature than most young women her own age. I know a few couples with a large age spread, and two or three are in my extended family.

If she shares a similar attitude, this isn't necessarily a problem, as they can be "young at heart" together. Health issues and insurance could be a problem for your daughter and her bf if they continue down life's path together. I have a friend who is in her late 40s with a husband in his late 50s and she is beginning to experience some of the same tensions. There haven't been any insurmountable problems, but I do now believe it is not the most ideal scenario. I had wanted to have more kids, but, now that I am 45, I can better appreciate why DH didn't want more kids past 40. Grandparents are also aging and/or dying on different timetables, though that could happen anyway and may or may not be a relevant factor. I don't want to speak for the OP, but a lot of the older men who dated college-age women when I was in college tended to be the Peter Pan-type.

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